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To be successful in a highly competitive market, it takes more than luck. It all begins with a carefully planned business idea that later helps everything in the "machine" run smoothly. The USP Digital Design concept began as an idea and has grown from strength to strength, fueled by energy, creativity, visionary ideas, and optimism. With boundless resources and opportunities to gain knowledge and share experiences, USP Digital Design launches initiative to develop and deliver bespoke solutions for branding, packaging, advertising, marketing and more did.



Creative Head
-Bhim Singh

15+ years of expertise developing and overseeing the entire design and visual aesthetic for packaging, video production, and advertising campaigns. Excellent at leading other designers to create artwork and different layouts for each project and managing the project from start to finish.

Video Production
-Bharat Shastri

12+ years of expertise in the creation of videos, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, and actual production. on-time, high-quality product delivery and prompt client demands and requests responses. Excellent at managing additional personnel during video production and ensuring that all projects are completed on time.

Marketing Head
-Vinayak Sharma

having over ten years of expertise in budget management, goal-setting, and marketing plan creation. good at analyzing customer behavior, developing consistent brand message, and finding new market possibilities. His leadership abilities and business knowledge increase brand recognition and profitability.

Print Production Head
-Vijay Kumar

Over ten years of expertise in reviewing schedules, negotiating pricing and delivering bids to clients, keeping track of stock levels, and purchasing paper, ink, and other supplies used in print manufacturing. ensuring that the task is completed on time and within the allotted budget, as well as that the quality is up to par.

Creative Head

Bhim Singh

Marketing Head

Vinayak Sharma

Video Production Head

Bharat Shastri

Print Production Head

Vijay Kumar

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USP digital design is a creative, branding & packaging design agency to create brands at different levels. Our craftsmanship is attention to details, creative flow and strong work ethics. We believe that work speaks louder than words!